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A few words about us

Let us introduce ourselves

After 14 years in the painting industry, Nash began to explore decorative finish techniques and products the industry had to offer at that time. In his search for knowledge, he partnered with other artisans across the country. From Denver to Dallas and Houston to Miami, FL he took classes to explore the vast array of faux finish products. In 2001, the Nash family relocated from Amarillo to The Woodlands, in the Houston Area. At this time, Rosario Nash left her 14-year career in quality control and x-ray tech, to join the Artisan team full time. She would soon become expert in color matching, blending and organizing major design projects from restaurants, country clubs, furniture stores to 30,000 square foot homes in one of the country’s most elite communities. The beginnings of the Artisan dream took a natural path when they expanded into remodeling and building custom homes with their design skills adding a splash of style to each project.

A Custom Home Building Tradition

Nash and Rosario share a love to create unique projects together. They are greatly satisfied in their ability to make clients individual dreams come to life, as well as increasing value to their home or business. Through a 38 year career working with thousands of clients, Nash knows the main key to success in the construction/design business realm is excellent communication and totally outrageous service.

Rick Nash

Head Honcho

Rick Nash “Nash” started his career at the age of 20, in Amarillo Texas. After working on a couple paint jobs in college, he decided he liked the potential of a painting company. Nash began in painting but soon expanded his skills and knowledge to include carpentry, trim and framing, roofing, sheet-rock, and textures. Most importantly, Nash expanded his knowledge of effective communication and sales, the human element of the business.

Due to a back injury in 1996, Nash began his custom home building career with a local Amarillo building company. As a superintendent, with as many as 14 homes in progress at one time, Nash quickly became proficient in project scheduling, client relations, and multi-tasking. He also learned from his sub-contractors, who actually build the homes, the correct way and the proper materials for each phase. In 1997, Nash and his team formed Artisan Studios Inc. In 1998 the Artisan team entered the Texas Panhandle Builders Associations Parade of Homes.

Rosario Nash

Real Head Honcho

Rosario worked as a quality control expert and x-ray technician for 10 years at the Harrington Cancer Center and another 3 years at the Women’s Healthcare Associates. She had a burning desire to learn more about specialty finishes and when the Nash clan moved to The Woodlands, this allowed her to fuel her passion in specialty faux finishes. With her commitment to excellence and unwavering self-determination, Rosario soon became the “Faux Diva” of The Woodlands; crowned by her husband, of course. Rosario loves to create unique designs and special finishes that make any project personal to its owner. With an appreciation of architecture, she is the inspiration behind the Artisans “Texas Modern” style of new home and remodeling design. She enjoys blending the rustic elements of cedar, stone, brick, and iron, with modern and contemporary styles. She is also the genius creator of Artisan’s custom hand finished rustic wood flooring.